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Gorgeous Hurt one /Monday, May 4, 2009

Who's that beautiful girl Who smiles like she means it But her smile is empty And her hope has flown away? Who's that gorgeous lady? She's so sweet and delicate But affection she lacks at great scale What is hiding under that empty fake smile? Is she afraid of falling? What about her scars? What has become of her after such dark past? She is a fighter indeed She continues even if her wounds aren't healed Gorgeous lady, its ok to cry When you realize no one is by your side, remember: The sky is full of stars tonight All of them shinning to light up your life You are an admirable girl Strong, persisting, and brave Suicide is not your way out But ''keep going'' is your quote Even when there's no hope Oh gorgeous young lady, who life has hurt you that bad Keep going, I strongly know you'll find your path

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